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Information technologies:

Propm Global has handled numerous projects and adapted to countless IT improvements over the past 20 years. Today, we approach initiatives very differently than in the 90’s. We are able to seek new definitions and new metrics, which help our customers gain a better understanding of the challenges they face, even amidst enormous complexities. With technology evolving at an exponential rate, many are unable to keep up, and therefore fear making the changes required for their business to stay afloat. “Do I really need that?” “Oh, that’s expensive, isn’t it?”

Propm Global brings a distinctive framework that is based on a fresher vision and a faster delivery model.

  • Quick preliminary performance analysis – no time to waste.
  • Comparative model for faster decision-making process – see precisely where it hurts and make a prompt decision.
  • Speed up your service offering by understanding the stakes – an aging inventory can be disastrous.
    • Infrastructure (Main power, switches, enclosure and blades…)
    • Telecom (MPLS, Cloud; outsourcing…)
    • Licensing
    • Vendor management
  • Detailed planning customized to any audience – who wants to know what and when.
  • Innovative selection process helps us see the precise type of expertise required and when it is required – lower burn rate.
  • Precise execution – capture evidences to support the delivery.
  • Expert and highly experienced PCO and Project Managers for accurate reporting and monitoring – just in time.
  • And a lot more!




Propm Global works with the industry’s newest and finest inventors to bring to market innovative technologies and help make the world a better place. Propm Global’s team and partners share a unique view and understanding of today’s major pains and market needs with respect to being able to achieve prosperity and enjoy healthier and cleaner air to breathe.

We envision so many great benefits and positive repercussions in this sector that we have developed a special performance group, which specializes exclusively on structuring and organizing the introduction of those new technologies on the market.

  • Automobile and power industries
  • Agriculture and food
  • Information technology and infrastructure

Simple! Build a team through conviction and organized planning, structure it, and engineer a better future.